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What makes our Company different from other business appraisal organizations? We work with real PEOPLE operating real BUSINESSES. We, like you are a closely held business. We understand the challenges you face every day you open the door of your business.

The purpose of our initial meeting is to give YOU the opportunity to determine if Business Appraisal Group is the right company for YOU. The individual professional that will be working on your assignment will be present to answer any questions about us and our services. We will assess your needs and help YOU determine if our services will provide an economic benefit to YOU and YOUR COMPANY.

Each closely held business is unique in every aspect. As such, your business appraisal will be developed and prepared specific to your business. We do not use pre-packaged valuation software. We do not subscribe to “one size fits all”. Each step in the valuation process will be specific to YOUR needs and YOUR business.

Business Appraisal Group does not provide any products or services that are not directly related to the appraisal of YOUR business. This positions us favorably to:

• Avoid any conflicts of interest

• Not pose any threats or conflicts with any other professional advisors, and

• Improve our credibility as an expert witness

WE will be available to YOU throughout the process to answer any questions and provide project updates.